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Garden Plants

Order garden plants online with a wide range of outdoor trees, flowers and shrubs from the Gardeners Dream online nursery with free UK delivery straight to your door. No garden is truly complete without at least a few plants. But with so many beautiful outdoor plants to choose from, it can be tricky to decide which ones are best for your particular garden.

Things to Consider When You Order Garden Plants

Choosing the right garden plants can sometimes be a process of trial and error, especially for beginner gardeners. However, there are some things you can bear in mind to help with your search for the right plants to suit your space.


The amount of natural sunlight your garden gets will largely determine which plants will grow well there. For example, the Spider Flower loves to soak up the sun's rays and thrives when planted with care in a bright sunny spot. In contrast, the Ostrich Fern prefers a more shaded position, perhaps under a tree canopy.

At Gardeners Dream, our online plant store listings let you know whether your chosen plant prefers full sun, full shade or somewhere in-between. This quality advice makes it easy for the customer to determine which plants will flourish in their gardens.


There's no point in buying a massive shrub for a tiny garden. And likewise, a small plant will look out of place in a space too large for it. Research how big your new plant is likely to be when fully mature (Gardeners Dream includes this information on our plant listings to give advice for the customer) and buy your garden plants according to the available space.


Think about why you want a plant in that particular spot of the garden? Do you want to add a splash of colour or grow your own food? Perhaps you want some natural privacy screening or help bees and other pollinators along their way with a hanging basket. There are plenty of categories of garden plants. Deciding how you wish to use your new plants will help you make the correct selection.


Order roses, vegetables, and quality plants that fit your garden theme... with free delivery on all gardening categories, of course!


A traditional country cottage is likely to have different garden style categories than an urban new build. After all, you wouldn't decorate the inside to clash with a property's range of period features. The outside is no different. Rosesgeraniums and phlox make great selections for country cottage garden inspiration. Fruit and vegetables may also fit well and help create the right aesthetic.


At the opposite end of the spectrum, climbers and bamboos can be excellent easy choices for urban gardens in 2022. They double as attractive plants and privacy screening when grown up against fences. Our advice? Feisty evergreens such as Festuca Glauca Intense Blue also make great additions to urban gardens. These categories provide year-round interest and cope well with urban pollution.

Flowering Time

While many garden plants blossom during the summer months, there are those categories that flower earlier and later in the year. A mixed selection of early and late flowering plants helps make a garden, container or hanging basket full of interest throughout the year. As the first flowers of the 2022 close, new ones are about to bloom.

Deciduous or Evergreen Selection

Deciduous and evergreen plants are also worth consideration. If all your plants shrink back and lose foliage in winter, your garden might look somewhat drab during the colder months. Our advice is to choose plants from both categories to create interest throughout the year.


Once you're happy with what size and style of plants will suit your garden, you need to consider how you want to plant them. Annuals are perfect for adding a burst of colour and work well in flower beds, borders, pots and hanging baskets. Perennials and bulbs are great options for more permanent plants. They can be relatively hardy categories and will regrow every year.

Order Seeds Instead

Seeds can be sown early in the season and, with care, will blossom into healthy plants. Alternatively, you can shop for plug plants, which create a beautiful immediate impact and continue growing until maturity.


It's no secret that some garden plants need more care and attention than others. When online gardening shopping for new plants it's important to factor in the amount of work you're prepared to put in. Do you love pottering in the garden and enjoy tending plants? Or would you prefer to order some quality plants that will largely take care of the gardening themselves?

Wide Range of Gardening Categories

If you're new to gardening or are unsure what you're looking for, then you might not know where to start when shopping for high-quality garden plants that suit your space. The Gardeners Dream online gardening store allows you to search various terms and categories to help you find plants you'll love.

Our expert team are happy to chat and offer advice and inspiration and we offer free UK delivery as standard. Add your favourites to the basket, and enjoy £0.00 in delivery costs!

From our range of bulbs to our tallest tree categories, anything and everything to do with gardening can be shipped directly to your door.

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