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Bird of Paradise

The bird of paradise plant is as exotic as it sounds. With numerous bird of paradise varieties here at Gardeners Dream, you are sure to find the indoor plants you have always wanted. Start by exploring our bird of paradise flowering plants and watch your plant collection grow! Also known as the crane flower, bird of paradise flowers are native to South Africa and so warm temperatures, good drainage, and regular misting are important for active growth! Beyond a quick wipe to remove dust and placement in an out-of-the-way spot (this plant is considered toxic for pets and small children), there's little you need to do to watch this plant flourish. Like the banana plant, snake plant, and croton plant, it grows well indoors in the UK as a houseplant. If you are looking for a pot plant that can live on your balcony or patio, take a look at our outside garden offerings next.

Bird of Paradise Plant at Gardeners Dream

The bird of paradise botanical name is Strelitzia, but there are numerous varieties you can find. Looking right at home amidst the exotic plants of the Kirstenbosch National Botanic Garden, the bird of paradise plant adds height and tropical elegance to your home.

It is fairly straightforward to grow bird of paradise plants and as they are very fast growing in their growing season, you will have mature plants in no time at all. The conditions that the bird of paradise plant prefers are:

  • Bright light, either from consistent indirect light or intermittent direct sunlight,

  • Good air circulation but also a humid environment (if you don't have a naturally humid atmosphere, try to mist frequently),

  • Consistent watering when the top inch of soil is dry (try not to keep the soil moist),

  • Fresh compost and repotting as the plant grows - it doesn't mind being slightly pot-bound, but as it is a fast grower you should be prepared to repot it annually. Set a reminder for the early spring months!

The bird of paradise plant is typically considered to be an Easy to Care for Houseplant. It can handle as much light as you have available and doesn't get fussy when you forget to water it for a day or two. In fact, over-watering is one of the worst things you can do for this plant, as it may lead to root rot.

Rare Yellow Flowering Form

Just like other species of houseplant, there are several varieties you can select from when growing bird of paradise plants. The most well-known is Strelitzia nicolai, which is also known as the giant white bird of paradise plant. The whole plant loves direct sun and is air-purifying too. Care tips are as simple as placing it in well-draining soil (make sure your pots have drainage holes) and leaving it to soak up rays in a sunny spot.

Another variety of bird of paradise plant that is super popular at Gardeners Dream is Strelitzia reginae, which will bloom with a vivid orange-red flower in the summer. The toxicity bird of paradise flowers have is the same as the leaves - don't let pets and small children near them!

Growing these exotic plants from seeds is very uncommon and also unneeded. At Gardeners Dream, we do all the germination and propagation for you, so you can purchase a high-quality and thriving plant.

Growing a Mature Plant

As mentioned, the bird of paradise plant is very low maintenance and is unfussy with growing conditions. All you really need to do is keep up the regular watering, regular feeding, and protect it from cold draughts.

If you notice yellowed leaves or even two to three leaves that have fallen, it may be due to insufficient light. If you move it to a spot with enough light but the foliage is still falling in large clumps, then examine the roots. While this plant is pretty hardy (as far as exotic houseplants go), it is susceptible to overwatering. Too much water in the soil can lead to root rot or spider mites

While you can choose to use an organic insecticide, there are other effective ways of treating pests. Allowing the soil to dry out and using a pot plant gravel can eradicate and prevent infestations. If you are set on using an organic insecticide, why not pick one up while you are shopping at Gardeners Dream? All our gardening tools, including insecticide and fertiliser, are included in our free delivery guarantee.


Free Delivery on All Houseplants!

It is easy to grow bird of paradise plant varieties when you shop at Gardeners Dream! Whether you're attracted to the similar foliage of the wild banana, or just need plants that are perfect for beginners, growing bird of paradise flowers is simple.

Once your plant arrives, it will already be established in the right soil and you won't need to re-pot it until it is overly pot-bound. Just pop it in a bright spot with full sun and ensure the humid air circulation and temperature stays consistent all year, even in late winter.

We make finding a high-quality bird of paradise easy too! Just choose your Strelitzia bird of paradise from our range on this page, then head to the checkout. No matter how many pot plants you purchase, delivery is always free to every single address in the UK. Now all that's left to do is explore our growing range of air-purifying houseplants for the other rooms in your home.



How do I look after a bird of paradise plant?

Looking after the bird of paradise plant is straightforward. Water the soil when it gets dry, move it to a new pot when it gets too big, and give the large leaves plenty of humidity and bright light. If you have a variety that can bloom, you will need to maintain these conditions to get it to flower!

Can a bird of paradise survive in the UK?

In the UK, bird of paradise plants may be able to survive outside in the summer for a few days... but they are best grown indoors in a pot. They like brightness or full sun as well as humidity, so place them near a window. Some will even begin flowering in the UK as they mature indoors.

Are bird of paradise plants hardy?

The flowering bird of paradise is not hardy for the UK climate and should be grown indoors. That being said, it is one of the easiest plants to grow and care for, with no special treatment required from spring and summer through to autumn and winter. Just keep it happy in its pot by watering the soil when it's dry and giving the foliage enough humidity.

Where is the best place to plant a bird of paradise?

Plant your bird of paradise in well-draining soil and ensure it has enough water in the summer. In the UK, it should be kept indoors, preferably in a humid room such as the bathroom or kitchen. It may bloom if the conditions are favourable! It is best to buy these plants already established rather than growing them from seeds.

How do you take care of a bird of paradise in the winter?

The bird of paradise plant lives in a pot indoors - it shouldn't really be placed outside in the UK, even in spring and summer. These plants like consistently watered (but not too moist) soil and good humidity. During the winter, keeping humidity levels up will be important! But your reward may be a beautiful crane flower.

How do you look after a bird of paradise plant indoors?

Indoors, the bird of paradise pot plant requires regularly watered but not water-logged soil, bright sun, and high humidity. Some varieties produce flowers in spring, but they are all typically low-maintenance plants.

Should you cut birds of paradise?

These plants can be lightly pruned, even when they grow in a pot or have flowers blooming. Cutting off damaged, yellowing or dead leaves and shoots is advisable as this not only improves the appearance but can also remove any disease that might be causing the damage. If you spot signs of disease, check the soil for root rot too! You can prune this plant indoors at any time of year, not just in spring.

Why are my white bird of paradise leaves curling?

This plant, which is one of the varieties that produces flowers, may have curling leaves if it is dehydrated. This means either increasing your watering schedule or introducing more humidity into the room. If your home is always dry, you can try plants that are accustomed to arid environments, like the snake plant.

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