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House Plants

Our indoor house plants cover every type of house plant you could dream of, including some of the more unusual types. Perfect for brightening up the living room or office! From eye-catching indoor house plants like Rubber Plants, Peace Lilies, and Swiss Cheese to the exotic Cacti and Carnivorous plants for sale. Or maybe you want something more traditional like Ferns or Aloe Vera?   Shop any of our plants today for free delivery across the UK.

Choose the Best Indoor Plants

There are so many species to choose from at Gardeners Dream. So, let us help you choose the right type of indoor plants.

Choosing Plants in Pots

Browse our shop to find low light and indirect light plants. Whether you choose a specimen that prefers the sun (like our outdoor hedging plants) or plants that grow in the dark, we have something for you.

Plants like the Boston Fern, Spider Plants, Swiss Cheese plants, and Cast Iron Plants prefer shade over direct sunlight. Plants that prefer direct sunlight include Snake Plants, the Money Tree, and String of Pearls. Click on any product to learn more about the humidity, watering, and light requirements of our plants online.


Why Choose Gardeners Dream for an Indoor Plant?

At Gardener's Dream, we have the expertise to help every customer buy their perfect house plant in pots. We have been carefully nurturing and selling indoor plants for 40+ years! Our team has a passion for plants and helping customers choose plants and pots from our store.

Beautiful Plants, Free Shipping

We provide the best and most popular plants, delivered to your door. Ordering house plants has never been easier. We even have free shipping on our larger plants, like our large trees. Whether you buy a large indoor pot plant, or opt for something more exotic, you get our free delivery service. All the indoor plants we sell are guaranteed to be in stock, with secure online payment too. It's easy with Gardener's Dream.

Why purchase large indoor plants from us?

Our high-quality indoor plants come with many benefits while adding beauty to your home, much like flowering trees add beauty outside. Air-purifying plants, for example, can actually release oxygen and clean the air in your room.

Shop all our indoor plant at Gardeners Dream to discover high-quality and effective houseplants. If you're interested in functional plants, check out fruit trees next, or reach out to let us help you find the perfect plant.


The Best House Plants

Our houseplant collection is versatile. Our indoor plants are ideal for:

  • Living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

  • Shady hallways and entrances.

  • Greenhouses and orangeries.

  • Offices and waiting rooms.

  • Gifts at Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries!

There are many beautiful houseplants to discover and many other categories at Gardeners Dream. We offer better discounts over physical garden centres and our fans love our online garden shop to door delivery service.


Houseplant Advice

For advice about your next indoor plant, message our gardening experts. Whatever tropical houseplants you decide to buy, we know you'll be happy with the quality and delivery offered for our huge range of indoor plants at Gardeners Dream. You won't get this service from the garden centre. Buy indoor plants from us today!

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