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Are you looking for a particular species or variety of house plants? The indoor house plants section covers every type of house plant you could want. We also offer some of the more unusual types you may not have heard about. Navigate this section for ideas and inspiration. Click through and purchase any that take your fancy. From eye-catching indoor house plants like the Rubber Plants, Peace Lilies, and Swiss Cheese to the exotic Cacti and Carnivorous plants. Maybe something a little more traditional like the Ferns or Aloe Vera? Or do you want to have Palms, Bonsai, and Bamboo on display? Buy now for Free UK Delivery!


Choose Your Indoor Plants With Our Wide Range

There are so many plants to choose from when looking for a gift idea. Or just something to improve the look of your home. As plant lovers ourselves, we know it's key that you choose the right type of indoor plants that suits you. It could be a plant that lasts if you miss the odd watering. Or plants that are a little more exotic.

There are several ways to decide which is the right plant when going through the decision-making stage. Which indoor plants are suited to the amount of sunlight your room gets daily? Does it get direct sunlight? Indirect sunlight? Or are the plants ok to live in a place that stays shady? There is a lot to think about. Plants like the Boston Fern, Spider Plants, Swiss Cheese plants, Cast Iron Plants, and the Peace Lilly are houseplants that prefer to be shaded from direct sunlight. Plants that prefer direct sunlight include Snake Plants, Money Tree, and the String of Pearls.

Whether you choose a plant that prefers the sun or plants that grow in a darker setting, you'll be in safe hands with our easy-to-use order process and of course, free delivery. Artificial plants are also on offer for those absent-minded about watering a plant. 

Choose Gardener's Dream When Buying Plants Online

At Gardener's Dream, we have the expertise and experience to help our customers when buying their perfect house plant. Being in the gardening and horticulture sector for over 40 years, we are the UK's favourite online retailer, selling an array of wonderful indoor plants. House plants add a pleasant ambience to our customers' homes. The family-run business offers a variety of products at a fantastic price too.

We know that a house or office is a much better place to be with indoor plants. And our customers can do that with ease. We are the number one online store for all your house plant and garden needs. Our team has a passion for plants and is bursting with the knowledge to help our customers make the right choice when choosing from our range of quality plants.

Our customers are at the core of what we do here at Gardener's Dream. We are with you at every stage of the buying process so please get in touch when looking to purchase a plant as a gift or as a special treat.

We look to provide the best and most popular plant lines and have them delivered right to your front door. Shipping our house plants has never been easier with Gardener's Dream. It's a dream shopping experience with our easy-to-navigate website. All the indoor plants we sell are guaranteed to be in stock which is what separates us from our competitors. These are just some of the benefits when choosing your indoor plants with us. We have secure online payment too. Collection of your house plant from your front door is easy with Gardener's Dream.

House Plants UK wide delivery

Enjoy free delivery when having your houseplants shipped with Gardener's Dream. Whether you decide to buy a large indoor pot plant or your search takes you to something a little more exotic, be safe in the knowledge with our free delivery service. As previously mentioned, we only sell in-stock houseplants. With this in mind, one of our delivery options is express delivery, which is becoming more of a popular choice.

What are the general benefits when purchasing houseplants from us?

You may be at the point of deciding which house plant to choose. Indoor plants come with many benefits while adding beauty to our homes. A house plant can live in any room in the house. That's why it's not surprising to know that it makes sense to add as many house plants as possible as they enlighten our moods and can keep us happy. Plants also tend to reduce fatigue, improve focus, and boost healing. They improve the air quality thus reducing headaches and helping dry skin too. 

A study by NASA (https://ntrs.nasa.gov/citations/19930073077) supports the fact that house plants can improve air quality. They absorb toxic substances such as benzene that pollute and damage the air quality in the home. House plants in the house add to the look of any room. They also improve the health of us living there too.

House plants improve the air quality in so many ways. Respiratory and skin health get better as plants can increase humidity by releasing water vapour. As mentioned, it can help aid in the healing of headaches and other allergies.

Having houseplants in the home or office also enables us to have increased oxygen levels. They add light and delight us in these types of ways in which we don't even realise. Plants absorb dioxide and release oxygen as a by-product during photosynthesis. It also improves our energy levels which is great for us working from home or doing home workouts. Offices are also increasingly tranquil settings, to help in the health and performance of employees.

Enjoy your purchase

Whatever houseplants you decide to go for, we hope you enjoy it and remember, always feel free to get in touch with your experience when buying from Gardener's Dream.

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