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Conifer Hedging

Conifer hedging adds a stunning statement to any garden design. Adored for their lush green foliage, conifers offer privacy and style in abundance making them a popular choice for UK homeowners. We stock Conifer hedging in plant sizes ranging from 9cm to 2ft. Ready for you to plant in your garden so they can continue to grow and flourish, our confider hedge varieties make for an ideal external boundary option in place of a wall or fencing. Purchase Conifer hedging at Gardeners Dream and receive free delivery on UK mainland orders. We also stock products to maintain your hedge and garden as a whole. 

Hedging Conifers: An Overview

As the gold standard of hedges, conifers add life and structure to any outdoor space.

From Green Leylandii to Western Red Cedar, you'll find a wide variety of hedges to choose from on our website.


  • Boundaries

  • Cottage gardens

  • Informal gardens

  • Privacy screen creation

Conifer Hedging Height

As a famed tall hedge variety, conifers have a height range of between 30cm for dwarf varieties, up to an incredible 100m for ultra mature plants.

Though, it's worth noting the legal maximum height for a hedge is around 2 meters. Typically, you can expect a growth rate of between 10cm and 30cm per year.

So long as your conifer receives a regular prune, your desired hedge height can be both achieved and maintained.

Privacy Levels

Hedges are commonly grown to provide protection against prying eyes, and conifers are no exception. Out of all the hedge varieties in existence, conifers offer an unrivalled level of privacy.

Growth Rate

Conifers are an extremely fast growing species, boasting a growth rate of between 10cm and 30cm per year depending on the variety you opt for.

Conifer Hedge Benefits

Whenever anyone thinks of hedging, conifers are that classic vision which springs to mind.

Providing lush dense green foliage, a conifer hedge is the boundary option of choice in terms of looks, privacy, security and long term enjoyment of your garden.

Here are just some of the main benefits to be enjoyed when you opt for a conifer hedge variety.

Boosts Kerb Appeal 

When wanting to boost the value of a property, naturally most of the attention goes on the interior spaces of a home.

However, it's worth remembering that your front garden will be the first thing property valuation experts, along with any potential buyers of your home will see. Therefore, every effort should be taken to make a first impression that truly sells, and there's no better way to do this than through the use of conifer hedging.

Compared with a sorry looking fence that has seen better days, conifer hedges stand tall and proud. Evergreen varieties will also add a striking touch of greenery to your garden all year round.

Reduce Noise Pollution

Live near a busy road? Homes located in urban and suburban areas alike can benefit from a reduction of noise pollution coming from the immediate vicinity by planting conifers.

Similar to soundproofing your home, conifers also work to absorb sounds. The dense wood, branches and foliage will do a much better job of reducing external noise compared with a fence or wall, which simply bounces the sound around.

Offers Windbreak Protection

Exposed gardens can experience strong winds, which can damage plants and reduce the overall enjoyment of your garden.

Conifers provide protection against the elements which keeps your plants safe and allows you to spend more time in your garden as the seasons change.

Enhanced Security For Your Property

Remember that whatever you place around the boundary of your property isn't just for show, but is also there to protect your home from intruders and prying eyes.

The beauty of hedging, particularly conifers with their dense foliage, is that they offer an unrivalled amount of security and privacy for your home. This is because it's possible to grow hedging at a much taller height than the legal maximum height of a fence.

In addition, it's very difficult for an intruder to scale a conifer hedge due to its height and thickness.

Conifer Hedge Plants FAQs

We’ve answered some of the most common questions about Conifer hedging below. 

Need further information? Please use our contact form or drop us a message on Facebook or Instagram, and one of our team will get back to you. 

When To Prune Conifers UK?

The optimum time to prune conifers is between the mid-spring (April) and the end of summer (August). Pruning at any other time of the year is more likely to result in brown foliage.

What Happens If You Cut The Top Off A Conifer?

While you can opt to cut back a conifer from the top, heavy pruning of the top of a conifer is best avoided. This is because it is a popular belief that this can affect the growth pattern of the plant.

If you have any doubt about how to prune a conifer, please send us a message or consult an expert.

When To Plant Conifers UK?

A conifer hedge prefers to be planted between early spring to early autumn.

How To Revive Brown Conifers

As noted above, brown conifers are usually a result of pruning at the incorrect time of year. So firstly, ensure this doesn't happen again by only pruning between April and August.

In the meantime, a brown conifer can be revived by adding plenty of nutrients into the soil and watering the roots regularly. Also ensure the species is planted in an optimal position, that the plant has plenty of space along with adequate drainage. 

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