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Plant Guides

We have guides on every type of plant, to help you know when is best to plant them, where to plant them, the best soil for them, and how to look after them so they flourish.

A Guide to Roses

How to plant, care for and prune your rose bushes.

A Guide to Clematis

How to plant, care for and prune your clematis bushes.

A Guide to Lavender

How to plant, care for and prune your lavender bushes.

A Guide to Buddleia Bush

If you’re looking for a flowering shrub or bush to transform your outside space this summer, look no further than the beautiful buddleia bush.

Known for their butterfly-attracting qualities, a buddleia bush will bring both beauty and wildlife to any outdoor space. If you’re looking to plant and grow your own buddleia bush, you’ve come to the right place. Join us here at Gardeners Dream as we talk all things ‘butterfly bush’, from how and when to plant them through to top care tips.