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Install windbreaks in your garden to add privacy to a personal space, shelter delicate plants from strong winds, and reduce sun exposure in the summer. Our sheltering windbreak mesh is easy to install, incredibly sturdy, and will protect any site from harsh elements. Available in a range of heights and lengths, this is an essential tool for gardeners working with windswept landscapes. As always, you'll get free delivery on your Gardeners Dream order too.

Air Windbreaks at Gardeners Dream

Provide sturdy protection from the elements with our range of windbreaks at Gardeners Dream. Our lightweight windbreak mesh protects from wind damage, reduces strong UV rays, and also provides some privacy. Increasing shade by 50% and reducing wind by 50%, they are highly effective, strong, and UV treated.

With easy to install eyelets and a variety of sizes, our windbreak fabric is easier to put away than a tent and takes up just as little storage. For growing delicate plants and protecting areas of your garden, our windbreak solutions are perfect.

Garden vs Camping Windbreaks

The windbreak you may have with your camping setup for the campsite is typically made of a thick plastic material. Similar to a tent, the awning you pitch at the beach or caravan park will do a good job of protecting your family from stinging sand and creating privacy from other campers.

However, this type of windbreak is not suitable for your garden.

Garden windbreaks are typically made of high density polyethylene mesh that reduces high winds. Crucially, it still allows a gentle breeze to pass through, stimulating your plants, and allows some sunlight to keep your garden healthy. They also provide good privacy. These windbreaks are suitable for:

  • Flowerbeds,

  • Crops, fruits and vegetables,

  • Trees and saplings,

  • Sports areas (e.g. tennis courts),

  • Patios and porches.


Free Delivery on All Garden Tools

Add windbreak to the basket, plug plants in a range of colours, and maybe a bit of compost for the new season - whatever you order, there's always free delivery at Gardeners Dream. Unlike shopping at camping and gardening stores, there's no need to clear out the car to drive your order home. Just choose what you want online and wait for us to deliver it directly to your front door.

Our free delivery guarantee covers the entire UK.

Helpful Advice from UK Horticulturalists

If you need help selecting windbreaks before you add one to the basket, don't hesitate to reach out. Our horticulturalists know a thing or two about protecting plants from coastal winds swept off the beach and gale-force gusts sweeping over the vegetable patch.

From selecting a gsm to installing your windbreak, you can receive all the advice you'd get in stores by reaching out to our tea. We are here to help!



How effective is windbreak netting?

Garden windbreak netting (not the camping variety) can reduce wind speeds by half, making them very effective at protecting your plants. They also reduce sun exposure and protect from glancing heavy rain and snowfall.

How do you install windbreaks?

Similar to camping windbreak, you can install more permanent netting by placing posts around your garden and using strong cord or wire to attach the netting. Our netting at Gardeners Dream has eyelets for easy instalment.

Does mesh block the wind?

A mesh windbreak will reduce the wind by up to 50%. This prevents strong winds from damaging plants while still allowing some stimulation to encourage strong stem growth.

What is the best material for blocking wind?

For camping, a thick fabric windbreak will suffice but for your garden a mesh is more suitable. We recommend 110gsm mesh to reduce strong winds but still allow good airflow.

How do you protect your garden from wind?

Install a windbreak around your garden - this mesh fabric will reduce winds and UV rays will still allowing sunlight and light breezes to filter through and nourish your p

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