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Pet Friendly Houseplants 07/06/2022

Pet Safe House Plants

Plants and pets are really quite similar when you think about it. Both are (usually) attractive, improve wellbeing, reduce stress, and can be fulfilling to look after. However, some houseplants can be toxic to pets and, of course, animal lovers want their pets to be able to safely live in harmony with their plants. It isn’t always easy to tell if a houseplant is pet friendly and you don’t want to test it on your furry friend for obvious reasons – results could include irritation, burning, and vomiting. So if... Read More

Ferns 15/02/2022
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Growing Ferns in Shaded Gardens

The fern is an understated and often overlooked garden plant, which we think is a shame, as it is graceful and pretty in equal measures. They are native to the UK as well as pretty much the rest of the world, being versatile and hardy plants. In gardens, they can make an impactful flourish of foliage to cover gaps and do especially well filling in rock formations or flowerbeds. They are also one of the oldest plant varieties in the world, with ferns being found as early as three hundred... Read More


The 5 Best Large Indoor Plants

When it comes to decorating our homes, there are fewer things that are more satisfying than finding the perfect indoor plants. Of course, plants come in all shapes and sizes and there are certainly some wonderful small plant additions you can make. But for the purpose of this article, we will be focusing more on the ‘big is beautiful’ idea and giving you our 5 best large indoor plants and trees! Kentia Palms Kentia Palms have a wonderful history, first being discovered in the remote Lord Howe Island which is... Read More


Cute and Prickly – Top 5 Indoor Cacti and Succulents

When it comes to indoor houseplants, there are few that do as well as cacti and succulents, and even fewer that require less care and maintenance. Cacti and succulents come in all shapes and sizes, so there should be succulent house plants for every household. The only thing you really need to do with cacti house plants ensures they get as much natural sunlight as possible, making them a hugely popular windowsill pot plant. Because there are so many types of indoor cacti and succulents, here is our top 5... Read More


Top 10 Easy to Look After House Plants

Our daily lives are increasingly busy and with more things to do in a day, it becomes less easy to manage smaller house tasks, such as watering and feeding houseplants. That is why we have come up with this easy care houseplants list to help you identify the plants that don’t want your undying attention – or any attention at all really. So, you can go about your day, unconcerned about your house plant, safe in the knowledge it is healthy and looks amazing. The 10 Easiest House Plants to... Read More


Guide for Indoor Spider Plants

There are all manner of unusual plants that you can grow inside; there are snake plants, cheese plants, venus fly traps, and the subject of today’s blog post – spider plants. Spider plants are one of the nation’s favourite indoor plants and they are quite easy to look after, making them perfect for plant growers of all ages. You will know a spider plant from its spindly long leaves that stretch out like a spider’s legs. Learn everything you need to know about these amazing creepy-crawly plants here. Key Facts... Read More


Guide to Indoor Cheese Plant Care

Before we get started, there is a caveat, you can’t actually grow cheese and this isn’t a literal cheese plant. Although someone should definitely be looking into engineering one! Now that we have that crushing disappointment out of the way, let’s look at the cheese plant and find out what it is, and how to look after it. Trust me, the cheese plant is a must-have for any household. The Cheese Plant, AKA Monstera The cheese plant takes its name from its foliage which has large holes or tears that... Read More


10 Reasons the Snake Plant is So Popular

You might imagine the snake plant is a tangling creeper style plant that coils and wraps itself around things, but you would be wrong. The snake plant instead resembles the heads of enchanted cobras lured out of their basket by a snake charmer with a flute. The foliage matching the shape and to some extent the pattern of a cobra’s head. So why is this serpentine plant so popular? And what makes it an absolute must have house plant? Read on to find out! What is a Snake Plant? Snake... Read More

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How to Grow and Feed a Venus Fly Trap

As far as plants go, the carnivorous venus fly trap is a pretty impressive and somewhat alien plant. Believe it or not, you would actually be doing the plant a favour by growing them at home as the species is currently threatened and considered vulnerable in the wild. Its native environment are small areas of the United States, that have now largely been taken over by humans. This means that although you wouldn’t be helping the natural conservation by growing it at home, you would at least be ensuring the... Read More