Mother’s Day gift guide

Mother’s Day is fast approaching – this year the date falls on Sunday 27th March – and with it comes the pressure to find the perfect gift.

Plants and trees make thoughtful gifts that are more substantial than a bunch of flowers and last a whole lot longer. However, if you’re not much of a gardener yourself, you may not know where to start buying a living gift.

Our Mothers Day Gift Guide takes you through a host of ideas, from succulents to shrubbery, that will hopefully inspire you and help you pick out the perfect present for your mum.

Mother’s Day plant gifts – indoor

You don’t need to enjoy gardening to appreciate a gorgeous plant. These houseplants do the same job as cut flowers but have a longer lifespan.

Anthurium Houseplant – These vivid houseplants come ready to gift in a ceramic pot. Their vivid colour and ornamental look make them an ideal gift.

Senecio Rowleyanus String of Pearls Houseplant – This indoor succulent is the perfect plant for gifting. Commonly known as ‘String of Pearls’ it has reminiscent of jewellery and is a strikingly unusual plant.

Calathea Triostar – This is a striking plant with ornately patterned foliage and a mix of green, and creamy-white colouring. As with other Calathea plants, the Triostar also has a reddish-pink underside, giving the plant a well-balanced contrast.

Mother’s Day plant gifts – outdoor

If you know what you’re looking for then a beautiful outdoor plant makes an excellent gift for a mum who always seems to be pottering around the garden when you arrive to visit.

Potted Roses – This classic garden flower comes in a range of colours and is the perfect gift for any occasion, including Mother’s Day. Supplied in a grower’s pot, this plant is designed to take pride in place in the garden, where it will flourish for years to come.

Mother’s Day Gift Rose – Specifically designed as a Mother’s Day gift, this pink rose will be a welcome and attractive addition to your mum’s garden. A personalised gift card is included (we can write it on your behalf) for an extra special touch.

Mum in a Million Gift Rose – If you’d like to go one better with your message, then this ‘Mum in a Million’ potted rose will ensure your mum knows how you really feel.

Mixed Hydrangea Macrophylla Shrub – Bright clusters of flowers in pink, blue and white make this set of three shrubs a long-lasting and thoughtful gift for gardening mums.

Gardenia Jasminoides – This evergreen shrub blooms in summer and flourishes year-round, making it an ideal gift for growing in borders or containers.

Mother’s Day tree gifts

Small trees are a unique way to express your thanks to your mum and you may be surprised at how little space is needed to accommodate one of these appealing living gifts.

Magnolia Stellata Patio Tree – This joyful tree is compact and perfect for smaller gardens and patios. It bursts into life in spring, perfectly timed for a unique Mother’s Day gift.

Syringa Paliban Patio Tree – Requiring very little in the way of maintenance, this compact tree is perfect if your mum loves a well-tended garden but isn’t a fan of pruning.

Prunus Okame Patio Tree – Commonly known as the ‘Okame Flowering Cherry’, this tree is trained to sit as a straight ‘lollipop’ stem and is ideal for small gardens, containers and patios.

Whether your mum loves to potter in the garden or is more of an indoors type, a plant or tree can make the perfect gift to brighten her day this Mothering Sunday.

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