February 2022

Ferns 15/02/2022
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Growing Ferns in Shaded Gardens

The fern is an understated and often overlooked garden plant, which we think is a shame, as it is graceful and pretty in equal measures. They are native to the UK as well as pretty much the rest of the world, being versatile and hardy plants. In gardens, they can make an impactful flourish of foliage to cover gaps and do especially well filling in rock formations or flowerbeds. They are also one of the oldest plant varieties in the world, with ferns being found as early as three hundred... Read More

Spring flowers from Magnolia tree 01/02/2022

8 Tips for Buying and Growing a Magnolia Tree

The magnolia tree (or shrub) is iconic because of its unusual but extremely pretty flowers. They can be small or substantial in size and as a result, they can be very easy to grow. But there are a few traps that gardeners fall into with magnolia, so we have compiled a list of 8 tips for buying and growing a magnolia tree. Before we get into the tips, here is a bit about magnolia itself for some gardening inspiration. Magnolia is a flowering plant genus that has over two hundred... Read More