Honeysuckle flowers 21/06/2022


Honeysuckle (also known as Lonicera) is a delightful plant to grow in UK gardens, but they can be a little confusing as there are two different types: climbing honeysuckles and shrubby honeysuckles. This guide tells you all you need to know about both varieties and gives you some tips and tricks to get the best from your honeysuckle plants. Climbing Honeysuckle vs Shrub Honeysuckle The good thing about Honeysuckle plants is that you will never get the two variants confused, one will cling and climb up stakes, trellises and pergolas... Read More

Pet Friendly Houseplants 07/06/2022

Pet Safe House Plants

Plants and pets are really quite similar when you think about it. Both are (usually) attractive, improve wellbeing, reduce stress, and can be fulfilling to look after. However, some houseplants can be toxic to pets and, of course, animal lovers want their pets to be able to safely live in harmony with their plants. It isn’t always easy to tell if a houseplant is pet friendly and you don’t want to test it on your furry friend for obvious reasons – results could include irritation, burning, and vomiting. So if... Read More

Patio Trees 17/05/2022

A Guide To Patio Trees

When you spend a lot of time on your patio you obviously want it to look as attractive as possible. While decorative paving plays its part, it’s always nice to add some natural appeal in the form of plants and trees. Patio trees may sound a little intimidating at first but they are a really excellent way to add height and colour interest to your outdoor area. What are patio trees? Patio trees are usually grown in containers or large pots and are used to create a focal point in... Read More

Gardening Jobs For May 03/05/2022

Getting the Garden Ready for Summer

May is a busy month for gardeners so it’s just as well it’s a lovely time of year to be outdoors. Lots of vibrant colour from spring is there to appreciate and the weather is usually inviting so you can soak in some sunshine while you work. Preparing your garden for summer can be an enjoyable task. As well as the weather is a tad warmer, you can start to see the results of the work you’ve put in earlier in the year. Your garden focus for May should be... Read More

Bee-Friendly Plants 19/04/2022

The Best Plants for Attracting Bees

We all know how important bees and other pollinators are to the world. Their role isn’t limited to just helping flowers reproduce, they are essential for maintaining eco-systems for wildlife and pollinating the food we need to survive. In fact, bees are responsible for pollinating over 30% of the world’s food supply so it’s vital we look after them. One of the simplest and most effective ways to help bees thrive is to plant flowers and plants that will attract them, offering nectar and pollen to keep them healthy enough... Read More

Bare Root Strawberries 05/04/2022

A Guide to Bare Root Strawberries

Sometimes life is all about simple pleasures and there are few more enjoyable than sitting down to a bowl of luscious strawberries freshly picked from your own garden. If you’re new to growing strawberries or are looking for a new plant to add to your strawberry bed, you’re likely to have come across the term ‘bare root strawberries’. At first glance, these may seem a little intimidating, however, bare root strawberries shouldn’t be at all scary and are actually relatively easy to successfully grow. What Are Bare Root Strawberries? As... Read More

Pink Anthurium 15/03/2022

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mothers Day is fast approaching – this year the date falls on Sunday 27th March – and with it comes the pressure to find the perfect gift. Plants and trees make thoughtful gifts that are more substantial than a bunch of flowers and last a whole lot longer. However, if you’re not much of a gardener yourself, you may not know where to start buying a living gift. Our Mothers Day Gift Guide takes you through a host of ideas, from succulents to shrubbery, that will hopefully inspire you and... Read More

Gardening Jobs For March 01/03/2022

Gardening Jobs For March

The nights are getting lighter, flower shoots are beginning to emerge and there is a definite feel of spring creeping into the air. After the cold, harsh, and downright damp winter months, it’s time to think about readying your garden for the (hopefully!) better weather. March is a great time of year to get out in the garden. The sunnier days make it enjoyable to be back outside getting stuck into prepping, sowing, planting, pruning, and generally tidying up in anticipation of enjoying the garden throughout spring and summer. Planning... Read More

Ferns 15/02/2022
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Growing Ferns in Shaded Gardens

The fern is an understated and often overlooked garden plant, which we think is a shame, as it is graceful and pretty in equal measures. They are native to the UK as well as pretty much the rest of the world, being versatile and hardy plants. In gardens, they can make an impactful flourish of foliage to cover gaps and do especially well filling in rock formations or flowerbeds. They are also one of the oldest plant varieties in the world, with ferns being found as early as three hundred... Read More

Spring flowers from Magnolia tree 01/02/2022

8 Tips for Buying and Growing a Magnolia Tree

The magnolia tree (or shrub) is iconic because of its unusual but extremely pretty flowers. They can be small or substantial in size and as a result, they can be very easy to grow. But there are a few traps that gardeners fall into with magnolia, so we have compiled a list of 8 tips for buying and growing a magnolia tree. Before we get into the tips, here is a bit about magnolia itself for some gardening inspiration. Magnolia is a flowering plant genus that has over two hundred... Read More