New Year, New Garden: 4 Gardening Resolutions To Stick To In 2019

There’s no better time than the new year to reorganise your life – and your garden.

Perhaps you have a number of jobs you’ve been putting off for months? Or maybe you’re simply looking for new ways to enrich your gardening experience and makeover your outside space?

If you’re looking for tips for gardening this year, look no further. Here at Gardeners Dream, we’ve put together a list of four things you can do to help transform your garden.

Attract birds and butterflies

There’s nothing like a garden full of wildlife. From providing refuge to hedgehogs to attracting beautiful butterflies come summer, here are our top tips:

    • To attract butterflies, research their specific host plants. Each caterpillar has a host plant that will attract them into your garden. And, while you may need to put up with some chewed plants when the caterpillars find them, this tactic promises an abundance of beautiful butterflies in the future.
      • Hang up bird feeders and shelters to attract a variety of bird species.
    • Leave water out for hedgehogs at ground level in your garden.

Compost more

Compost enriches your soil, simultaneously helping to maintain moisture while suppressing disease in plants. A great resolution for the year, therefore, is to start your own compost bin. Composting yourself at home is a win-win situation – a quick and easy way to dispose of food scraps and garden waste, and a way to promote a healthy garden.

Compost can be made from any organic material, including but not limited to: dead leaves, grass clippings, twigs and food scraps from natural products (eg. vegetable skins, banana peels). Animal products such as meat, bones and dairy should not be used.

Grow your own food

Growing your own food at home is an incredibly rewarding way to make use of your outside space. Plus, the satisfaction of cooking a true ‘home made’ meal with vegetables and herbs that you’ve grown yourself cannot be paralleled!

Make this year the year that you begin your own fruit, vegetable or herb garden. You can create a fruit or vegetable patch in both large and small gardens, and herbs can even be grown indoors on a windowsill, making them a great way to introduce gardening into your home if you’re lacking in outside space.

For tips on beginning a vegetable patch, head on over to our post; How To Start A Vegetable Patch: What To Plant & When.

Create a gardening calendar

Organisation is a fantastic resolution to take up in any area of life, but especially in the garden! Some gardening tasks (for example planting seasonal bulbs or preparing the ground for turf) need to be completed well in advance, so a gardening calendar is a great way to keep organised throughout the year.

Make a clear calendar to log all your big seasonal tasks, alongside smaller jobs such as watering the plants or mowing the lawn. That way, nothing will be missed, and you can enjoy a beautifully healthy garden all year round!

For further ways to keep your garden looking its best, why not explore the full range of plants and gardening products at Gardeners Dream? From outdoor plants and shrubs through to gardening tools, here you can discover a variety of options to transform your outdoor space.

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