Transform Your Home With Indoor Plants

There’s nothing like the new year to inspire a transformation in your home!

This year, have you considered transforming your home with a selection of indoor plants? Indoor plants are a great way to inject a new lease of life into the home and, with the garden most likely off-limits due to cold temperatures and frost, are a great way to keep green fingers satisfied throughout the winter months.

Ficus Tineke Rubber plant in white pot

If you’re looking for home inspiration, look no further. Here at Gardeners Dream, we’ve put together a list of the top ways you can get creative with indoor plants and transform your home.

Mix up your plant pots

In a similar way to a mix-match photo feature wall, you can create interest and style by mix-matching your plant pots! Rather than bulk buying plant pots in the same style, opt for a number of indoor plant pots in varying styles, colours and sizes. Opt for a handful of clay or terracotta pots for a traditional touch, then mix in some black, white and metallic plant pots to give your plant display an edge.

Use all available space

While large plants are great for making a statement, not everyone has the room or budget to justify them. However, you can still add statement greenery to your home with a selection of smaller plants. Air plants are a great way to utilise the available space you do have. An air plant can easily fit on a smaller mantel, on the top of a bookshelf or even just on the windowsill, bringing life and character to your home without taking up unnecessary space.

Air plants in plastic water tubes

Create intrigue with trailing plants

Indoor trailing plants are massive en vogue right now, making them a great way to make a fashionable statement within the home for the new year. Place a trailing plant on the edge of a bookcase or mantel for a stylish finish.

If you’re lacking in shelf space, use plant hangers indoors.

Plant hangers don’t just have to be for the garden! Indoor plant hangers bring a unique touch to your space, adding style and elegance without taking up shelf space. You can attach hooks to your wall or ceiling, or even to your existing fixtures and fittings, for a clever space-saving way to bring greenery into your home.

Grow herbs in your kitchen

Growing herbs indoors is a practical and stylish way to create a rustic touch in your kitchen. Whether you place yours on the kitchen counter or get creative with hanging pots or wall shelving, this is a great, convenient way to keep your herbs close to hand when cooking, while bringing style and a breath of fresh air into your kitchen.

If you’re feeling suitably inspired, why not head over to explore the full indoor plants collection at Gardeners Dream? 

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