Spring Flowering Bulbs: When To Plant

Spring flowering bulbs are perfect for injecting a breath of fresh air into your garden or outside space following the long winter. But which flowers bloom in spring? And when should you plant spring bulbs for the best results?

Yellow Narcissus

Well, if you’re looking to create a colourful springtime flower display, you’ll be pleased to learn that right now is the best possible time to begin! Autumn is the ideal time of year to begin preparing your garden for spring, with many autumn-planted bulbs breaking out into beautiful flowers by the time spring comes around. From the most popular bulb choices to planting advice, here are our top spring flowering bulb tips at Gardeners Dream.

When should spring bulbs be planted?

Spring flowering bulbs are best planted in the autumn months, when the soil is still soft and before the first frost and the coldest weather sets in. This means the best window opens in September, but spring flowering bulbs can also be planted until December.

If you do miss this window and stumble across some forgotten, unplanted bulbs come the new year, try planting them anyway. You have nothing to lose, and they won’t survive until next season if left unplanted.

Which flowers bloom in spring?

There are a number of spring-flowering (or hardy) bulbs that are perfect for brightening up your garden or outside space when the seasons change. Top choices for spring bulbs include;

    • Daffodil
    • Crocus
    • Hyacinth
    • Tulip
    • Bluebell
    • Pleione
    • Lily of the Valley

When should you buy your spring bulbs?

September is the ideal time to begin selecting and ordering your spring bulbs, ready to plant by the end of the month. Most spring bulbs should be planted within a week – bear this in mind when purchasing them to ensure you have enough time to get them planted at their prime. Before planting your spring bulbs, check they are all healthy. Any bulbs that feel soft or are showing any signs of rot should be thrown away.

Agapanthus on a field

Where should you plant your spring bulbs?

As hardy bulbs generally come from dry, sunnier climates, you should try to replicate these conditions at home. The soil is the most important thing to consider here. You need to plant your spring bulbs in weeded soil that offers a good amount of drainage, and in a location where the bulbs will get plenty of natural sunlight.

Flower beds

A flower bed is a great option for creating a focal point in a garden or public area. Larger, statement flowers such as tulips work especially well in flower beds.


Spring bulbs are perfect for brightening up your lawn, or scattering naturally around the base of trees. Bulbs suitable for naturalising include crocuses, scillas and erythronium.


Potted spring flowers are ideal for placing strategically around a garden, or for adding a splash of colour to a patio.

So, if you’re looking to create a stunning display of flowers come spring, here are our final tips for planting your bulbs;

    • Plant spring bulbs in autumn, before the coldest weather hits.
    • Plant your spring bulbs within a week of purchasing them.
    • Plant spring bulbs in well-draining soil that benefits from natural sunlight.
    • Plant bulbs facing upwards, at around three times their depth.

If you’re looking to buy your autumn-planted bulbs, look no further than the Gardeners Dream collection. We offer a stunning selection of flowers suitable for planting in autumn, guaranteed to totally transform your garden come springtime.

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