Small Space Gardening Ideas: How To Decorate Your Small Garden

Just because you live in a flat, an apartment, or somewhere with a small garden space, shouldn’t mean that you can’t decorate it and create something that’s worth looking at.

Spring purple flowers in a dark wood balcony

Having a small garden space may be limiting, but don’t let the size of the space ruin your chance to get creative! Small-space gardening has its perks; it is easy to maintain and cheaper to sustain. So, you can be as lazy as you want but, still have a great small space to look at.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, Gardeners Dream is here to help you with ideas for gardening in a small space.

Showcase your plants with planters

Planters are a simple yet, stylistic way to show off your favourite plants. From sunflowers to tulips, planters are the perfect place to plunge any kind of plant.

From plastic to wooden, large or small, planters come in all different shapes and sizes and are an easy and inexpensive way to fill the gap in an open space.

House Plants in big terracota pots outside

Depending on the size of your space, why not add more than one planter? Or, add a pop of colour to your small gardening space and buy one that is a unique shape or colour.

Brighten up your walls with topiary balls

Want to brighten up your weary outside walls? Hanging Topiary balls add something a little extra to plain, basic walls. They come in a range of different styles to make your outside area stand out.

Topiary Balls outside

Topiary balls look effortless and neat and take hardly any looking after.

To make them stand out even more, why not buy topiary balls with lights? These are the perfect thing come day or night and are sure to light up your garden whatever the weather.  

Or if you’re feeling the classic, contemporary look, why not buy a planted topiary ball? They are a great way to brighten up the entrance or the doorway of any small gardening space.

Get creative with indoor plants

Want to spice up your space without having to constantly take care of and supervise your plants? Be sure to invest in an indoor plant or two!

Indoor plants allow you to be as creative as you want, without the hassle of really looking after them. From a cactus to poinsettia, these plants need little looking after. Being low maintenance and trouble-free, they are perfect for all you balcony garden beginners!

Maranta Fascinator Tricolour in a white pot

Makeover your windows with flower or vegetable window boxes

For all you food lovers out there, why not create your own mini allotment and grow your own vegetables? Planters are useful to grow your vegetable patch in, however large or small you may want.

3 Glass jars with herbs on it

Why not add them to a window box to help bring your windows to life?

Window boxes are a great way to instantly add colour to your apartment’s exterior. They bring colour, shape and most importantly, life to your small space! Everything from flowers to vegetables or even herbs can be grown in them, making your windows wonderful again.

Dress up doors with hanging baskets

Want to dress up your door or beautify your balcony and make them look more interesting?

Why not add a hanging basket or two?

Hanging Basket with spring flowers

Hanging baskets are essential to enhance your small space. They are great if you’re stuck for space or if you need to brighten up a wall, door or balcony.  Available in a variety of different colours, shapes and sizes, hanging baskets aim to bring your balcony to life.

So there we have it, these are just some of the wonderful ways you can brighten up your balcony or smarten up your small garden space.

If you’re looking for any supplies for your small garden space, check out the full gardening and plants collection at Gardeners Dream.

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