Father’s Day Gift Guide: 6 Gardening Gifts For Dad

With June 17th just around the corner, it’s time to start considering Father’s Day. If your dad is a keen gardener, what better way to make his day than with new gardening accessories?

Gardening tools in a white table

If a gardening gift sounds right up your dad’s street, you’ve come to the right place. From gifts that are essentials for all gardeners to options that will simply just make their gardening experience that little bit easier, here are our top Father’s Day gift recommendations at Gardeners Dream.

Gardening herbs

Do your dad fancy himself as a bit of a chef as well as a gardener? Why not combine his two hobbies by treating him to a number of herbs and spices? From mint and lemon to thyme and curry plants, there are a whole host of herbs to choose from to suit his taste buds.

The great thing about herbs is they don’t need a particularly large space to grow – he could plant them in a pot on the patio, or even in a conservatory or on a windowsill!

Gardening gloves

Gloves are a gardening must-have. Whether he’s just getting into gardening and is in need of a pair, or he’s a seasoned gardener whose old gloves are beginning to look a little worse for wear, a new pair of gardening gloves is sure to go down a treat this Father’s Day.

We would recommend buying him this comfy pair of gloves. With their high-quality levels of construction, these handy gloves are sure to last him for years to come.

House plants

You don’t necessarily need a garden to show an interest in gardening! If your dad is lacking in outdoor space but would still like to appreciate the beauty of nature and plants, why not buy him an indoor plant for Father’s Day?

Indoor plants are the perfect way to instantly brighten up any room in the house. For a low-maintenance, evergreen option, we would recommend the Snake Plant or the Cast Iron Plant.

Snake plant in white background and black pot


Perhaps your dad is wanting to upgrade his toolbox? A new pair of secateurs is the perfect way to take his gardening experience to the next level.

This vintage pair of secateurs are our number-one choice. These high-quality secateurs are designed for ease of use, helping to make keeping on top of the garden just that little bit less stressful.

Feeling inspired? For a further selection of gifts that any keen gardener is sure to love, be sure to explore the full Gardeners Dream collection. From plants through to gardening tools, you can discover the perfect choice to make his day.

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