How To Plant Bulbs

Nothing transforms a garden or outdoor space quite like a stunning selection of flowers. But, do you know how best to plant your bulbs? There are a number of factors that come into play when looking to create a beautiful flower show, from the location in which you plant your bulbs to the methods used when planting.

If you’re looking to get the best from your garden, here at Gardeners Dream we’ve put together our top tips for planting bulbs.

Fuchsia Mrs Popple close up in a tree

How to plant bulbs

When it comes to planting bulbs, it is important to remember;

  • Bulbs should be planted facing upwards – this is with the pointed side up.
  • Bulbs should be planted at around three times their own depth.
  • Bulbs should be planted around two bulb widths apart.

You can use plant food or rooting fertiliser at the bottom of the hole to encourage strong growth.

How to plant bulbs in flower beds

Choose an area with well-drained soil, and where the plants will benefit from sunlight. Plant using a trowel, three bulbs deep, and replace the soil immediately after planting. The soil should be pressed firmly around the bulb to ensure there are no air spaces.

Red and orange tulip fileds in the sun

How to plant bulbs in lawns

Planting in a lawn is a great, low-maintenance option: it creates natural-looking flowers and means your bulbs will get plenty of light and water. If you’re looking at naturalising bulbs, take note of how the flowers grow in the wild. For a quick and easy way to choose where to plant bulbs for a natural effect, simply drop the bulbs from waist height and let the natural pattern dictate where you plant.  

Plant using a trowel of a specialist bulb planter. Crumble soil from the turf plug back on top of the bulb to ensure there are no air gaps, then firmly replace the turf.  

How to plant bulbs in pots

Pots work just as well for single bulbs as they do for a number of the same bulb. Multiple varieties can be planted together if you’re looking to create a colourful mixture of flowers, but be aware that they may not all appear at the same time.

Bulbs in pots - hyacints of different colours

Take note of the number of bulbs you are planting and take care to choose a container that is a suitable size. A pot that is too small will hinder plant growth, while a pot that is too big will swamp your flowers and not have the desired aesthetic effect.

Once you’ve found the right plant pot, fill it with multi-purpose compost until you are three bulbs width from the top. Carefully plant your bulbs facing upwards, and cover them with the remainder of the soil.

Bulbs planted in pots will need a higher level of care than bulbs planted in the earth, so be sure to water them as soon as they are planted, and then regularly as they continue to grow.

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