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Japanese anemone pink close up 15/09/2023

When to plant perennials

This guide will cover everything you need to know about when the best time to plant your perennials is, whether you have bulbs, seeds, flowers, or bare root varieties.

eco-friendly uk garden 28/08/2023

How to create an eco-friendly garden

Eco gardening, the concept of making gardening good for the environment, can be achieved with a few simple steps. Follow this quick guide to ensure your garden is as eco-friendly as possible!

Cherry Trees blooming in a sunny spring day 21/07/2023

How many trees on Earth are there?

How many trees are there on Earth? According to estimates there are over 3 trillion trees in the world. Read ahead if you want to learn other tree curiosities!

Golden King tree with red berries 07/07/2023

Why do evergreen trees stay green?

Evergreens stay green while their deciduous cousins reveal bare branches for the winter months. But why? Is it to conserve water? Will it help trees survive winter? What makes the leaves drop at that time of year? The reason why your evergreen tree will stay green all year is simple. Whether it has needles or tropical palm tree foliage, retaining the green colour helps the plant survive best in its native conditions. Find out how it works and why other trees lose their leaves below. Deciduous vs evergreen All plants... Read More